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Hassle-free planning, regional Tour Directors & Local Guides, Handpicked hotels and inclusions, seamless transportation, VIP access, and rare Local Favourites that go beyond the guidebook. 


Adventure is knocking.
Turn “never thought I would” into “glad I did” with a budget-friendly tour that includes all the essentials plus a great mix of included excursions and free time. 


Cruising Elevated.
Cruise on Suite Ships with the widest stateroom views from your window-facing bed. Relaxed luxury flows throughout the ship in every detail plus personalise with Classic, Active, and Discovery excursions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the smoking policy on board the motorcoach? 

For the comfort and consideration of all passengers, our motorcoaches are non-smoking. However, there are ample opportunities for smoking breaks during frequent stops along the way if you wish. 

Are there restrooms on board the motorcoach? 

Motorcoaches in Europe and North America are equipped with an emergency restroom. We use the term “emergency restroom” because this amenity is not intended for use in lieu of the restrooms at your hotel or frequent comfort stops throughout the day. For transfers and sightseeing in London, this amenity is not available. 

How is seating determined on the motorcoach?  

We offer daily rotation of seating, which gives everyone a variety of views. 

What day does my tour start? 

Some tours meet and take off on the same day. Others have check-in the evening before your tour starts. Check your documents or log into your MyAccount to see when your itinerary starts. 

What is the GlobusGO App?  

The GlobusGO mobile app for your mobile device keeps you informed and on course before and during your tour. Find daily itineraries, GPS, and dining and entertainment options for free time in each destination.  

Click here to learn more. 

Will I need cash while travelling? 

Cash? Credit? Both! Don’t miss a moment by being ready in any situation. While travelling, you will need spending money for meals and entrance fees that are not included in your tour price, such as beverages, optional excursions (if not already pre-purchased), gratuities, shopping, and incidental expenses. As a general guideline, aim to bring a variety of means to avoid inconvenience when spending money for items and activities which may not accept your typical payment methods. 

A good option is a travel debit card, which can be loaded with local currencies before you go. Not only will you avoid high ATM withdrawal fees but also conversion fees from your bank at home. Load up your card any time before you depart. There are lots of options – your bank or travel agent are good places to start.